Free CastleVille Gifts and Items from Facebook

CastleVille Free Items

Want free CityVille Gifts and exclusive items?

Login your Facebook account and like Zynga’s official CastleVille page and ‘Like it’ and if the page generates enough likes, they give you a free gift for your kingdom when CastleVille is released. Currently an Archery Target and an Expansion Gem have been unlocked and able to be accepted. After 500,000 likes a ‘Hyper Craft’ will be released. After 1 million a ‘Castle Topiary’ will be given to you, then at 2 million, a fountain, 3 million gets you some flowers, 4 million a silver queen statue and finally 5 million gets you a cannon as well as money donated to a charity of your choice.

Before it's too late, grab those free CastleVille gifts and items.

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