CastleVille Legends for iOS devices

Good news for those who are very eager to play CastleVille on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, Zynga has responded to CastleVille players' request by launching CastleVille Legends on iOS last September 18, 2013.
CastleVille Legends iOS
CastleVille Legends is a free-to-play game for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)
As of the worldwide launch, CastleVille Legends will be available for all iOS devices - iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod. Zynga has also stated its plan to release the game on Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

CastleVille for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad - download now!

Looking for ways on how to play CastleVille on iPhone? Here's a good news for you - Zynga has officially designed CastleVille app compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Take note, this is not only for CastleVille but also for FarmVille fanatics too!

Requirements for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad:
  • iOS 3.0 or later 
If your device complies with the requirement specified, you can download the CastleVille app for iPhone on this link:

Castleville Links for 3/05 - Woodplank, Energy, Stone, Butter, Gold

These Castleville links for woodplank, energy, stone, butter and gold are the newest so far and were issued on March 05, 2012 (03/05/2013). Click those links before they will expire or will no longer work. To check the latest free items offered, please check Castleville free items.

CastleVille "My Fairy Valentine Quests" Guide, Walkthrough

Want to enjoy the Valentine's Day theme in CastleVille? Check out this CastleVille "My Fairy Valentine" Guide or Walkthrough

By completing the different quests in My Fairy Valentine, you can start a Valentine Party and you will also be able to create/craft pink rewards. Those rewards are pretty awesome and will make your kingdom look pink. haha.

CastleVille My Fairy Valentine Quests Guide
Here are the guides in completing the 7 quests related to My Fairy Valentine.

CastleVille Phoenix Guide: "Phoenix Rising" Quests Guide

It's time to improve your kingdom's worth by raising phoenix. The following are the CastleVille Phoenix Guide to complete the 5 new quests in CastleVille.
Castleville phoenix

Phoenix Rising Quests Guide:

The Majestic Phoenix

  • Place the Phoenix Nest
  • Start / Place a Phoenix
  • Have 1 Fire Burner
CastleVille phoenix nest
At the beginning of the series of Phoenix quests, the Nest and the Fire Burners will be given for you for free, just check those items from your inventory to easily finish the first two tasks. As for the Phoenix, you'll be able to start a Phoenix by simply clicking on the "Start!" button and then choosing which "affinity" you would like the Phoenix to follow. You can choose either Flame or Frost, which will determine which of the six Phoenixes it will transform into at the end. Once you place the baby Phoenix, you'll complete this quest and will receive 1000 coins and 20 XP.

CastleVille Cheat Tool for Free Coins, Crowns, Reputation, Castle and Energy is a Scam beware

For all CastleVille players who are looking for CastleVille Cheat Tool for Free Coins, Crowns, Reputations, Castles and Energy please be careful in every move you take. Maybe you are joining discussions in some CastleVille forums and stumbled to some threads about that special CastleVille cheat tool, I will remind you - "Look before you leap!"

Here's a sample forum post talking about the CastleVille Cheat Tool and promised to give you a download link if you register, but after registering, no download link was given, your email was just captured and you don't have any idea what will happen next. [view the forum post]

The emails captured by scammers through posting topics that will attract CastleVille players might be used for some email marketing campaign or similar task. You must be watchful enough.

Like any other social games in Facebook, CastleVille is vulnerable to this kind of scamming act. In my previous post about CastleVille cheats, I disclosed that I still haven't encountered such stuffs that are really working.

CastleVille Easter and Spring Items

Happy Easter everyone! As a celebration for Easter in CastleVille, Zynga has also introduced some cool items for you to add in your CastleVille items collection. Also, in addition to the pool of items are the CastleVille Spring items.

Take a look of the images of the CastleVille Easter and Spring Items.

Eventhough Easter has passed you can still decorate your kingdom with those items and be prepared with the upcoming Spring with the CastleVille Spring Items.

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